Original music compositions


Music is the

      universal language...

"Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent."

~Victor Hugo

Welcome to My Website!

Do you want to give a special, personal gift? Have you ever wanted to express your feelings with music? Have you ever wanted an original song for your wedding, birthday, memorial, or other event? Now, for an affordable price, that can be yours. Your song will be composed especially for you to be used by you at your own event. It is completely yours. I will personally work with you to create a song that reflects your own personality (or the personality of your loved one), with instruments and/or lyrics that reflect that personality. I will also work with singers/bands to find vocal ranges and/or instrument choices that will work for them. Simply contact me and the song can be in your hands in a week.

Latest Songs

Into the Rest of Our Lives
This is a graduation song that I composed (using Sibelius) specifically for Unity Christian High School's graduation of 2013. (See YouTube for more details.)

Evening Mist
 This is my first composition using Pro Tools and it was written for piano. I hope you enjoy!

Tango in Barcelona
‚ÄčThis is the first tango I have written. It was written for piano and recorded on ProTools. I hope you enjoy!

These clips are from my Mini Musical: Staring at My Future, a story that follows a girl through trials, loss, temptation, and redemption. These pieces illustrate the different styles in which I can work. The first piece is based on a fairly traditional waltz. The second is based on a contemporary pop style. The third is a tango. The fourth is a classical piece for pipe organ with a complex pedal (bass) line. The fifth is based on a contemporary Christian worship song style.

In the first song, I worked with a large ensemble of instruments, including first and second trumpets, a trombone, a tuba, a harp, first and second violins, a cello, and voice to carry the melody. The second song was written for piano and voice. The third was written for two classical guitars, a piano, a clarinet, and voice. The fourth used a pipe organ. The fifth used voice, piano, first and second violin, viola, and cello.

This is a graduation song that I composed (using Sibelius) specifically for Unity Christian High School's graduation of 2013. I wrote it to suit volunteer instrumentalists/vocalists of the graduating class. As a result, the ensemble consisted of three voices (SAT), piano, guitar, trumpet, and Cajon. (This was recorded using Sibelius sounds, therefore the voices cannot sing lyrics.) I hope to be composing many customized songs in the near future. This song demonstrates how I can suit my compositions to the instruments available.